Sheridan County Weed & Pest
                   2667 Aero Loop Rd          (MAP)
Sheridan, WY 82801
(307) 672-3740

News Updates:

Hours: Monday - Friday 7 am - Noon / 1pm - 4pm

Sheridan County Weed & Pest Control District implements effective prevention, containment, and weed and pest management programs on all lands within the district.

Professionally trained individuals assist landowners with individual weed or pest programs designed to control invasive species on their land.

The district strives to achieve the best management with minimal environmental damage by employing Integrated Management Systems.

Finally, it manages the following programs:

 General Program
       - General Chemical Sales for Designated and Declared Weeds

- Special Management Program
- Leafy spurge Program
       - Saltcedar Program

- Small Acreage Program

- Mosquito Program

- Hay Certification Program

- Spray Equipment Rental Program

- County Road Right of Way

- State Highway Right of Way

- Alfalfa Weevil Program

- Prairie Dog Program

- Grasshopper program

Sheridan County Weed & Pest